Easy Football Squares

The easiest way to play football squares.



Why did you build this?

As a kid, my family used to play football squares for many of the weekly Packer games. My dad would give out a quarter for each quarter we won (get it?). Even though the stakes were really small, it'd add some extra fun to games, especially bad ones.

Last fall, in the midst of a bad Packer season, I thought it could be fun to play an online version. I found a few websites, but none were really what I was looking for. The ones I found required creating accounts, clicking through lots of stuff, verifying my email, etc. There were so many steps. Some even required a credit card.

What did you want?

How's it work?

I created a short video to walk through how it works. The site may change in the future, but this is what it currently looks like.

Check it out